Ferrandino Enterprises was contacted by homeowners a few months ago for a basement remodeling job. The basement remodeling in Westport looked to be a serious undertaking.. They was wanting a mix of carpeting and wood flooring installed along with plumbing installed for a bar, and then a wall put up to separate an entertainment room for the kids to use. We set up a no-obligation consultation with the homeowners as their custom home builder, so we could provide them with an actual estimate for all of the work and provide them with options.

The Westport custom home builder arrives at the home

We arrived at the home, and Our professional designers and builders were shown to the basement by the homeowners. The couple showed us where they would like to have wood flooring installed and where they wanted carpeted installed. The couple then showed us where they wanted a wall built, so a separate entertainment room could be built for their kids to watch movies, play games, and just have a space where they could invite their friends over and have a nice time. It was clear they needed our complete custom home builder services. In the other area of the basement the couple wanted to have a bar, so plumbing would have to be added.

the finished basement remodeling in Westport was a welcome home addition for this familyWe provided a floor plan, then showed them how each space would look after we were done with the home remodeling project. The couple was impressed with our designs, so we gave them an estimate for the remodeling contractor work we would provide. They seemed like they were comfortable with the estimate for the home addition. We were scheduled to start the project as soon as possible. The crew showed up at the home at the beginning of the following week. Half of the crew started building the new wall for the entertainment room while the other half of the crew started adding the plumbing for the bar area. The crew painted the walls in the entertainment space, then the wood flooring and carpet was installed. We were able to set up the spaces exactly how they wanted, and we made the whole family really happy when we were finished with the work.

When we let the homeowners know that we were done the kids were the first ones to come to the basement to see their space. They were all excited with how it turned out and were already asking their parents when they could have a sleep over with their friends. We were all very happy to see the smiles on the faces of the entire family when they walked through their new basement. We were happy to execute their vision and to be able to see it through as their custom home builder.