One of the greatest investments that you can make into your home in order to increase value and functionality is hiring Ferrandino Enterprises to perform remodeling services for your bathroom. This can be a very exciting but at the same time stressful project to undertake because of all of the options available. If your bathroom renovation project is not performed by an experienced and capable Connecticut bathroom remodeling contractor, you can end up with a bathroom that is not built within your specifications, and even worse, can cause extensive and costly damages to the structure of your home.

If you are interested in performing renovations to your current bathroom, or are interested constructing a new bathroom, the bathroom renovation contractors at Ferrandino Enterprises are fully capable of taking on the project. We know that a bathroom remodeling project will require detailed planning, communication, and precision. We have designed and installed hundreds of bathrooms for homeowners throughout the Fairfield and Westchester County area. We understand the importance of communication and will work diligently to ensure that once the bathroom remodeling project is completed, you will be fully satisfied with a bathroom that you and your family can enjoy.

Ferrandino Enterprises is based in Ridgdefield, CT and is a full-service new home construction and renovation company. We possess many years of performing complete shower and bath installations of all sizes and scope. We can assist you in every phase of the home improvement project, from design and construction to cleanup. You can contact us today at (203) 438-4663 to receive a no-cost consultation and estimate!

Bathroom Remodeling Services, Ridgefield, CT

Inserting a new bath tub into your bathroom can sometimes be a complex project, which will require a great deal of skill. You must calculate the weight of the bath tub when it is full of water and occupied, and if your flooring has the proper structural support to support. Some bathtubs can be very heavy as well as difficult and dangerous to install. To ensure that your new bath tub is installed correctly and in a safe-manner, contact the Fairfield area bath tub installation professionals at Ferrandino Enterprises today!

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If you are interested in renovating your bathroom and bath tub or shower installation services, you can contact Ferrandino Enterprises at (203) 438-4663 to receive your free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We are a full-service home construction remodeling contractor with extensive experience in all components of bathroom design and construction. Allow us the opportunity to design and install the bathroom of your dreams!