A couple contacted us recently to inquire into our New Canaan remodeling contractor services. Their kids were in high school now, and learning to be much cleaner and neater. The couple decided it was the right time to do some bathroom remodeling in their home and to add a bit of elegance to the house. They needed a good custom home builder, so they called us to see if we could be their home remodeler.

Our professional designers met with the couple at their home to look at their current bathrooms and to offer suggestions and options. We went through many different options for the countertops, and the couple selected the stone tiles they preferred. We then provided a variety of shower glass options and the couple selected a type of glass that was easy to clean along with looking elegant. New sinks were also selected, and afterwards we gave them an estimate that was within their budget. We scheduled the renovations to start first thing Monday morning.

Custom Home Builder Gets to Work

Our professional home remodeling contractor team arrived at the home Monday morning. The crew started working on the first bathroom. The countertops, sinks and current shower glass door were removed, then the team started installing the new ones that the homeowners had selected. Once the first area was completed, the team started on the next one and they worked each day until the bathroom remodeling project was completed.

We did a great bathroom remodeling in New Canaan for a nice family - FerrandinoWhen our team had finally completed their bathroom remodeler project for the family, the team made sure all the debris was cleaned up and the home was left in perfect condition. The wife thanked the team for always making sure not to leave any trash around the yard or home and she said the bathrooms turned out better than she had hoped for. She said the bathroom remodeling looked like a professional spa, which she always wanted to have in her home.

A few days later the husband contacted the office to thank our company for doing an outstanding job on the bathrooms. He said all of the employees were very respectful and professional and the work that we provided for him was the best that he had ever seen. He continued to say that he appreciated that the job we did was in good order, on time, and right on budget.